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Sub-project 1 Water Supply
1-1 Micro-grid based Water Treatment and Water-loop Application Technology for Sustainable Multiple Water Resources Utilization in New To
1-2 Development of Multi Water-loop System for Optimal Water Resources Utilization and Allocation
1-3 Development of Stabilization Technology and Pilot Platform for Micro Water Grid
1-4 Designing Technology for Smart Water Grid for Test Bed
Sub-project 2 Water Resources
2-1 Development of Water Shortage Risk Evaluation System
2-2 Development of Technology for Automated Real Time Water Supply Design and Operation

Smart and Integrated Management Technology for Water Supply Information

Sub-project 3 ICT
2-1 Establishment of ICT based AMI Network and Water Information Service
2-2 Development of High-Tech Sensors and Smart Multi-functional Measuring Instrument for Water Resources Monitoring and Management
2-3 Development of Modeling/Simulation based Optimized DSS
※ Scheduled to be started In 2013
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