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○ Combination of ICT and the water industry!

The SWG Research Group kicked off in July 2012 under the R&D Group of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea. The research group aims at advancing the “Intelligent Smart Water Grid” in order to efficiently utilize limited water resources and address environmental challenges such as climate change. Our research goal is to establish a “highly efficient, next-generation water management infrastructure system based on state-of-the-art information, communications and technologies.”

○ Becoming a water richcountry in 2020!

Once our research is successfully complete and Smart Water Grid (SWG) technologies are widely applied in Korea, we can secure additional water resources and water supply chains as well as run a more intelligent water system. This will allow us to considerablystabilize the water supply, and a highly efficient water management system will greatly helpto reduce operational energy, while enhancing the efficiency of water resourceuse.

○ Pioneering the future global water market in a creative way!

Unlike other social overhead capital, water is a limited resource that is vital to our lives. Climate change is creating growing interest in the safety and stability of water supplies around the world. Naturally, the global water market, where water serves as a commodity, is growing fast. (For example, the global water industry is expected to grow from its previous 500 billion dollars in 2010 to 865 billion dollars (approx. 100 trillion won) by 2025. SWG technologiesare state-of-the-art technologiesthat integrate Korea’s latest information, communication, and scientific technologies in a creative way. This new technology will surely help us create a safe national water security and take the lead in the global water industry.

The SWG Research Group will strive to make our future better with passion and commitment.

Thank you very much!