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Project Outline
Project Name Smart Water Grid
Competent Authority The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Professional Agency Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement
Total Study Duration 2012.07.06~2016.07.25 (Total 4years)
Managing Director of SWG Research Group Yum Kyung Taek
Participating Research Organizations (Second year Present) Korea Rural Community Corporation, Korea Interfacial Science and Engineering Institute, Kookmin University, Eulji University, POSCO Engineering & Construction, Incheon National University, ICUH, Chungbuk National University, Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants, Hydrology Engineering & Consulting Center, Korea Inc., Leotek Co., Ltd., PASSTek Co.,Ltd., Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Inha University, K-Water, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, DOHWA Engineering Co.,Ltd., SURO Tech Co., Ltd., Jeonbuk Development Institute, Kangwon National University
Participating Enterprise (Second year Present) Yucheon Enviro, Centennial Technology Company, Centennial Technology, Korby Korea, Wintec Glovis Co.,Ltd., Ubiquitous Generation System, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Samsung C&T Corporation, Korea Piping Engineering & Materials, DongYang Pipe, Cowithone, HNP tech, Sygnus Power, Taejoo Synthesis Steel Co., Ltd., PASSTek Co., Ltd., POSCO Engineering & Construction, Gentro Co., Ltd., eMatrix,Hanguk Big Technology Co., Ltd., Wacon Co., Ltd., Byucksan Engineering, Leotek Co., Ltd., DOHWA Engineering Co., Ltd., SURO Tech Co, Hydrology Engineering & Consulting Center, Korea Inc., DUCKWON Industrial Development, Pyunghwa Engineering Consultants, Pangaea21, Co. Ltd., Evis Water, Hitrol Co. Ltd., IS Technology, Global Optical Communication, ESRI Korea, WAVUS
Participating Human resources About 280person /yr
Research Funds 317 hundred million (Government Fund : 228hundred million, Enterprise Fund : 89hundred million)
Historical Evolution
2012 04.27 2012 KICTEP Development Work Enforcement Notice (Smart Water Grid)
05.29 Submitted Research Proposal and Assessment Presentation of Project Selection
06.22 Selection Results Notification(University of Incheon consortium selection)
Managing Director of Smart Water Grid Research Group is Gyewoon Choi
07.26 Agreement Contract(Korea Institute of Construction & Transportation Technology Evaluation and Planning↔University of Incheon)
08.02 SWG Research Group Opening Ceremony
08.10~11 SWG Research Group Workshop was held(All researchers)
09.06 SWG Research Group participated in 2012 Chuncheon Global Water Forum
09.14 Research Group held a Symposium - Sailing Commemoration
2013 02.27~28 The 20th Water Management Symposium & Fair
04.26 Start 2nd year of Research
05.23~24 Korea Water Resources Association speacial session
05.30~31 The 2nd SWG Research Group Workshop
06.04 Water rate policy symposium for improve of people trust
06.20 First Separation of conspiracy complete
07.18 Workshop for work cooperation with Korea Aviation Meteorological Agency
07.19 Second Separation of conspiracy complete
07.22 Second Workshop with Han River Flood Control Office
07.25 MOU with the Philippine NWRB
08.16 Smart Water Management Technology Exchange Workshop
09.10~12 2013 Chuncheon Global Water Forum
10.28~29 SWG Research Group Autumn Workshop
11.01 Asia Economic Community Forum
11.12~14 2013 Smart Water Grid International Conference
12.10 ITU-T FG-SWM(Focus Group-Smart Water Management)
2014 01.06 Director Change (Kyung-Taek YUM)
02.26~28 2014 Water Management Symposium & Fair
02.27~28 7th World Water Forum 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting
03.01 Start 3rd year of Research
04.09~10 Practical Business Affairs Discussion Meeting
04.17~18 2014 Korea River Association Workshop